Renowned San Francisco phalloplasty surgeon hit with multiple lawsuits

Note: The administrators and contributors at 4thWaveNow do not take a position on the veracity of the allegations set forth in these lawsuits. We are reporting on public documents available on the Internet about these legal actions. Commenters’ opinions are their own.

In a previous 4thWaveNow post, we documented the proliferation of gender surgeons who perform mastectomies and “bottom surgeries.” Some of them, including San Francisco surgeon Curtis Crane,  have publicly indicated their willingness to operate on patients under the age of 18.

One of Crane’s former patients, a detransitioned woman who underwent a double mastectomy at age 17, wrote a guest post for 4thWaveNow.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Crane has been the defendant in no less than six lawsuits during the last year. The suits variously allege medical malpractice, medical negligence, and/or failure to obtain informed consent.

Some of the lawsuits are still active, and all court documents are available via a public search on the San Francisco County Superior Court website.

Obviously, the exact details of the lawsuits vary, but all are centered around serious complications from phalloplasty and other “bottom surgery” procedures.

The six cases are as follows. To see the Register of Action (list of documents with dates) for each case, and all associated documents, simply enter the case number in the search box at the above link. When clicking on a document, be sure your browser allows pop-up windows.

  • 554254
  • 550630
  • 556743
  • 556713
  • 557327
  • 557363

Screen captures are taken from the complaint documents in the referenced cases.



41 thoughts on “Renowned San Francisco phalloplasty surgeon hit with multiple lawsuits

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people online with similar complications (who didn’t sue). Even when this surgery works the results aren’t so great Imo, it’s a very strange facsimile of a phallus.

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    • Actually it turned out a couple of these were people I saw on tumblr before but they can’t comment outside of giving the case numbers. These were people who were the few ftms who had phalloplasties that talked about it online. Wow. One of them got very sick of everyone asking “what happened to your arm?” in addition to the medical problems.

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    • Words to the wise. Thank you for your ongoing excellent reporting,.4th Wave Now. This is going in my “Progressives Questioning Transgender” binder, along with several other of your posts. I’ll be giving 2.copies to my medical clinic: one for my doctor, and one for him to pass along to other docs in the clinic. It would be great if others would do the same with their docs, so we can spread the word that there is reason to question these surgeries. And that they shouldn’t assume the “gender specialists” are going to objectively, let alone cautiously, evaluate patients for the “need” for medical “treatments.” Family docs, GPs, and pediatricians need to be made aware the gender specialists are trained to affirm the patient’s beliefs and cheerlead them into drugs and surgeries.

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      • *I wish all of your posts would fit in my binder. However, I’m creating a brochure with a link to your blog, if that is ok. The brochure will be titled “Progressives Questioning Transgender,” and is focusing on everyone’s right to freedom of tho ught,freedom of speech, and possibly it will mention freedom of association. Then it will simply provide links to gender critical sites like this. But I want to get your.permission first to mention your site.

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  2. So there’s a lot of interesting information and commentary out there about medical error and what actions professionals, and the system, ought to take or should consider taking to reduce it, and to increase patient satisfaction and safety. One point that comes up in that commentary, and that’s quite relevant here, is that the vast majority of patients who are injured by negligent care never sue (e.g. I would think that especially in this area, where patients may be quite embarrassed or reluctant to come forward, six malpractice suits is a really strikingly large number, especially since Dr. Crane has not even been practicing in San Francisco for very long.

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    • Wow, how graphic! Every result looked unnatural! No real doctor would be fooled by these facsimiles. Heck, even a layperson can see how ridiculous the results are. These surgeries are unethical, and should be illegal, even for adults. It isn’t right to physically prey upon the mentally ill for profit. This doctor is a criminal! This is insane!

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      • Some FTTs say a phalloplasty should only be judged after the second stage, when a glans is sculpted, but even those later tweakings don’t make them look very realistic. It’s still obviously an artificially-constructed phallus. I don’t know why anyone would want metiodioplasty either. That looks even sadder, and clearly not like even a natural micropenis.

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  3. There is a lot of faith placed in doctors like Crane. But, obviously, even with all of his experience, the procedure is not perfected.

    What I find really disheartening is that his patients believe phalloplasty surgeries are the only route to happiness. They feel medical professionals will be able to fix their whole body birth defects.

    HIs patients probably believed everyone who encouraged them on this path. That it was harmless to go on a gender journey. That it was necessary to become their authentic selves via off-label pharmaceuticals and risky surgeries. That the gender specialists would safely guide them.

    There is so much cheerleading now for transgender acceptance (as most of the parents here can attest). I wish my liberal friends would realize how harmful it is. They are encouraging kids to medically transition, without knowing the associated risks.

    Unfortunately, I think the only way to bring more sanity to the transgender rights movement is lawsuits like these. There’s no way to portray the disastrous consequences of these surgeries in a positive light. And it’s not transphobic or bigoted to show concern.

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  4. Reading on the FTM tumbler that the recently faux-penised person is looking forward to sexual interaction with males. I venture a guess that most gay men, phallus worshippers, would be horrified seeing a penis in this condition. She/he has a hard road ahead and I’m sorry for that.

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      • Thanks for your comment, Mark F. I sure do wish the gay community would somehow get this word out there. My XX kid thinks “he” is a gay man. If the gay community really doesn’t want relationships with female gay “men”, boy there are a whole bunch of teen females who need to hear this message loud and clear for a reality check. Transmen are not all would-have-been lesbians.

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      • Even gay men who demand that lesbians should have oral sex with bepenised transwomen are disgusted if someone suggests to them that they perform cunnilingus on a transman. (This has happened. Can’t recall who it was from the top of my head, but you will probably come across it when you read all the blogs linked here)
        Gay men do not want sex with transmen. They are homosexual=attracted to the same sex. And because they are male, they feel entitled to have boundaries. The “cotton ceiling” bullshit won’t work on gay men.

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      • Exactly. And I’m fairly confident most lesbians have zero interest in a transwoman’s lady stick/dick, although they insist we must or are ‘transphobic’. The trans movement’s association with lesbians/gays is an odd and perplexing one, and is bombing us back to the dark ages of complete gender restriction.

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      • Some “trans men” have put up profiles on gay sites, and are complaining about the hostile reaction they are getting. I suppose there are a few “bi” identified men who might be interested, but I doubt there are that many. And lesbians aren’t all that interested in women who have had their breasts removed and are growing beards.

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      • Yeah, that is no different than calling lesbians “vagina fetishists”. It’s homophobic crap!

        It’s also cruel to hyuk-hyuk about how “gross” the bodies of HUMAN BEINGS who have been preyed upon by a misogynist, lesbophobic, rape culture of a society is.

        And Mom, whose daughter thinks she is a ‘gay man’, I invite you to entertain two possibilities:

        a. She is bisexual, but in the current liberal high school mentality, bisexual girls are either seen as “attention grabbing phony straight sluts” or “ugly butches who are desperate” while bi boys are seen as “hot”,


        b. She is only attracted to men, but doesn’t want to be treated the way girls in porn are, or to spend her life in pursuit of femininity rather than being a human. Gay men get to be human in her eyes, straight women get “facial abuse” and are defined by what they put up and push out of their genitalia. In a world of “I-dentity” , who would you rather be? Your daughter isn’t stupid. She’s trying to get the best deal she can in a rigged race.

        Finally, many females want this surgery because, if you don’t like penetration, want pregnancy, or enjoy masochism and/or selflessness, having a vagina is a raw deal compared to having an “insta-orgasm”, yeast-and-blood/ cramps free, not prone to UTI/STI penis. It’s time we stopped with the “girl power!! Pussie power!” crap. With this denial of reality, with not admitting to teen girls that being vaginated is often NOT FUN, how can you blame them for entering into “I’m a gay boy!” fantasyland when their mothers are in ” periods and cellulite and vaginas and hot wax on your vajayjayhoohah and finding a nice boy who loves you and doesn’t demand vomit blowjobs and ‘pussy wreckage’ is wonderful! ” fantasyland?

        BEING FEMALE IS NOT FUN. Until this is acknowledged, females will have their health ruined in search of obtaining a penis while gay men laugh about how icky the delusional “fish” are. Bisexual males will still rush to take advantage of trans men no matter what. Hell, even straight men prey on the “pre T” ones by feeding them lines like “you’re the first boy I ever liked!”

        And bi/lesbian females grew up just like trans females. Dating someone with a beard–yes, even for the lesbians–is considered permissible, because unlike males, gay females aren’t thinking in terms of hardons and ejaculations, dominance (for straight males) and sexxxay (for all males). They are thinking of having a romantic relationship with someone who understands the agony of growing up female, with someone who doesn’t want to shove something up a part of us that could get us preggo against our will and doesn’t even make most of us orgasm.

        In liberal schools, gay males are considered the ultimate hot, bitchy, popular “girls” without any of the “she’s a slut/fat/prude/ugly” potential pitfalls of actual girls. They get to express vulnerability without actually being vulnerable to rape/girl on girl cruelty/looks shaming/sexual harassment by jocks/’messy’ female reproductive issues. Don’t think teenage girls don’t notice that.

        Meanwhile, lesbians, particularly butches, are considered “the worst of all worlds” by liberal high school students, particularly the inner circles of “hot” (ie straight and feminine girls) and “hot guys” (ie jocks, sexually ambiguous hipster boys, and out fashion obsessed gay boys). Don’t think teenage girls don’t notice either how narrow the acceptance range for girls is, and how one can be a boy of varying qualities and not be considered worthless.

        Personally, I don’t think most gay males can ever comprehend females as potentially complex, tormented humans as they see males, so of course they will dismiss the FtM trend as a bunch of silly/ugly ladies after their precious gay peens rather than intelligent, shortchanged young women trying to squeeze their best shot at humanity and equal relationships out of a patriarchy that despises their brains and wants to sadistically colonize their bodies.


      • “having a vagina is a raw deal compared to having an “insta-orgasm”, yeast-and-blood/ cramps free, not prone to UTI/STI penis. It’s time we stopped with the “girl power!! Pussie power!” crap. With this denial of reality, with not admitting to teen girls that being vaginated is often NOT FUN”
        :::chuckle:::: Nope. These notions are clearly the offspring of an individual who does not have a vagina (or a woman consumed with internalized misogyny). Of course a pussy CAN (or not, if we so choose) yield an “insta-orgasm” (wtf). And, we know we could list unappetizing conditions that occur with both penises and vaginas. “Pussy Power”–as representing women’s rights, autonomy, or even rejection of our genitalia as “icky”– is, yawn, certainly not “crap.” Also…. all the lesbians I know (self included) are over the moon about the pleasure our pussies bring us— duet or solo. Delicious. Finally, if “being vaginated” intends that women occupy a misogynistic patriarchy which necessitates the mustering of courage, resilience, resourcefulness, and vigilance…then, yup, enduring oppression is not “fun”; working and bonding and succeeding with sisters-in-arms is, however, fun… and HOLY.

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  5. I don’t remember where I read this, but I saw somewhere that one of the most common questions that MTT transitioners ask on the popular transgender Reddit is whether, after their transition, they’ll have a regular menstrual period.

    So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if these poor women think that somehow modern medicine can create a functioning penis for them.

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    • Has the US still not managed to have decent sex ed in all schools? Seriously, this level of ignorance, how do they live with it?

      Considering that a working penis would be a hell lot easier to construct than an uterus AND hormone-producing ovaries, I do think the chance is indeed very high that many women actually believe medicine can create a working penis.

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    • Apparently some men can develop endometriosis from hormone therapy, if they have female tissue left over in their body from before the foetus converted to male, but I doubt they would enjoy this element of the female experience.


  6. It’s really sad to see the lengths these young women are willing to go to, or have been convinced they need to go to, in order to “pass” as men. Several FTT YouTubers have made videos documenting unexpected complications after phalloplasty, and it really doesn’t surprise me. This is major surgery, with a known history of risks and complications. It’s not ethical for the transactivists to present phalloplasty, or any of these major surgeries, as no big deal.

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  7. What has happened to these patients, at the hand of this surgeon, is horrific- to say the least.

    I am a Registered Nurse and want you to know that symptoms such as redness and swelling- to a wound or surgical site, accompanied by fever are not symptoms which one should “not worry about”. These are very serious symptoms of possible serious infection. These infections can be localized or systemic. In some cases, infections can lead to loss of organs, limbs or life. That a surgeon told a patient not to worry about these symptoms is inexcusable. I truly hope that Dr. Crane is not currently being allowed to continue practicing and performing surgeries, in light of these patient concerns/law suit proceedings. If he is, there will likely be more patients like this and possibly some resultant deaths.

    I am also disclosing to you that I am very opposed to surgeries such as “mastectomy or phalloplasty, being done to healthy-bodied patients. Removal of healthy tissue and body parts, without any long-term study information demonstrating the positive effectiveness on patients, does not make sense to me. The risks to patients from these major surgeries seem to be much higher than proven long-term benefits.

    I do understand the need to remove or create body parts, in the case where those body parts have been damaged by trauma or disease. For these patients, they make the decision to undergo these surgeries after comparing the risks of the surgery to the benefits. But even these types of surgeries are not without serious possible risks. Serious infection is a risk of all major surgeries. Whenever the skin is opened on the body, there is a risk of infectious bacteria entering the site and the body.
    As a Registered Nurse, I care for my patients guided by the principle of first doing no harm. I truly believe that this principle should also be considered by surgeons such as Dr. Crane.

    My heart goes out to these patients, who have been damaged at the hands of this surgeon. But this surgeon is not the only medical professional who has cared for these patients. I believe that all of the physicians and therapists these patients have been assessed by, prior to deciding to proceed with these surgeries, should also be made culpable.


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  8. So there is a Youtube video of a short interview with Dr. Crane.

    In just two and a half short minutes, he manages to say that “if you don’t have family or community support – forget it – find that support somewhere else.” (Just in case the people around the prospective patient didn’t think surgery was a good idea for the person? Maybe because they were concerned for the person’s welfare?). There’s some unintentional humor when he admits that “there are no other psychiatric conditions treated with surgery.” Apparently, somehow, “this” (the thing he gets reimbursed for trying to fix) is still supposed to be a condition for which insurance coverage applies, it’s called “gender incongruence” but apparently it’s just sort of a state of being, nothing implied about it being damaging or harmful.

    Dummo comments like “XX for female and XY for male doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s okay.” Gravity doesn’t work for me, dude…

    At the end it gets a little poignant and you can see that somewhere in there, he actually thinks he’s helping people.

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  9. In regard to lesbians and transmen: I’m amazed at the number of lesbians who have taken to repeating “it’s the person, not the genitals” when former girlfriends announce they are now men. So what happens to their former lesbian identification? It gets tossed out the window… because it insults the now transguy. They become a heteronormative couple! What a horrible trap.

    And the number of transguys on lesbian dating sites is weird. But they know most straight women/men won’t find their gig appealing…so they remain in the lesbian community, touting their manliness and spotty beards. Not fun.

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    • Like the heterosexual women who stay with their man who wants to be a woman, a lot of lesbians who stay with their partner who is trying to be a man come across as abuse victims to be honest. The trans cult comes with a lot of gaslighting and mind-fuckery.

      I think that FTTs stay on lesbian dating sites and hang out with women because they know heterosexual women and gay men won’t tolerate their bullshit. So, they just suck up even more energy from lesbians. There was a discussion about this here:

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      • Sorry, but these lesbians who stay with trans men aren’t strictly into women, they are into females. They want someone who understands the trauma of growing up female who will not rape them. Some of them are former heteros who don’t find women attractive but are traumatized by male violence and sexual entitlement, ie political lesbians. Given that most trans men don’t want any partner going near their hated genitalia, and these women don’t want to go near female genitalia but also don’t want male genitalia near them, it seems to be a mutual agreement. Of course, I believe that compulsory heterosexuality also makes these PL’s enjoy being seen as the trans man’s “pretty laydee” when they are out and about, which kind of makes me cringe…

        …as does the number of these “laydees” delighting in being Earth Mothers and blushin’ flowers for their (stand by your) menz.


  10. The descriptions from the cases, are horrendous. Really shocking. He doesn’t seem to do any aftercare at all. That would be bad in a surgeon doing any operation.

    Using “grafts” to make a longer urethra? If you know anything about how the body works and what it’s made up of this doesn’t sound feasible. It’s clear that the people who invented this operation made up something to create the effect they sought. It was lousy. And they didn’t look at it afterwards and go ‘OK this is too crappy to do’. Because of the way medicine works, there’s no FDA for surgeries, there’s no one to rule this isn’t good enough to use on the public and to stop them. In other words the whole thing is a howling disaster.

    I certainly hope the plaintiffs in these cases win. 😩

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  11. This is so very heart-breaking. Whatever these ladies were hoping this surgery would do, they’ve ended up in an even worse situation. I hope they win this lawsuit. As a gay man, being gay isn’t some emotional or intellectual state where I like the “idea” of a man. Even if people who are “pansexual” or “gender expansive” may call me a transphobe to say this, I would never be interested in an encounter with someone FTM. Sex isn’t some postmodern mental exercise. It isn’t hatred of women or of anyone that makes me not attracted to them. At some point, there are bodies involved, and mine simply will not respond to a woman’s, no matter how hard they’ve tried to stop being women.

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  12. I was just thinking about this. I wonder when we’re going to start seeing commercials on TV from law firms wanting to represent people who were medically transitioned and had botched surgeries and bad effects from hormones. “Were you given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones as a child that destroyed your fertility? Did taking testosterone damage your liver? Were you given hormones without a complete psychological workup? Call now! We can help get you the compensation you deserve!”

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  13. This person has not brought a malpractice suit, to my knowledge, but I believe they should, as they received a very poorly executed double mastectomy (“FTM Chest surgery”). The results are tragic. Donate if you have a mind to, but be warned, the photo of their surgery result is very disturbing.

    All these botched phalloplasties, mastectomies and “neovaginas.” This shit has to stop.

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    • Two very sad take-aways from that page – first, it seems that the person is not in touch with or supported by her family at all, as she repeatedly says she is a struggling college student, who had to raise the money for the first surgery all by herself, and now has to raise the money for the second surgery all by herself. Certainly one does wonder whether it might have been better to stay connected to her family? Perhaps they did want what was best for her, and worried about exactly what wound up happening, happening?

      Second, the person also says (in essence) that the surgery was supposed to fix her life and make all her dreams come true. Now, repairing the first surgery will solve all her problems. I don’t think surgery works like that (although some surgeons are fine with letting you have those expectations). No matter how much you modify your body, it’s still you under there.

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